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"Whatever word or label we use to describe the unity of our universe, inevitably we are part of it."

“In the extreme complexity of our universe, I think that we are all unique and present to contribute to, and balance this universe. 

"My works reflect this understanding by removing our human shapes and figures to reveal the common essence of what it really means to be a human being beneath the surface. In Zen philosophy, we practice improving our spiritual quality and our freedom rather than seeking an external god. ”

Born in Gifu, Japan. Haruyo grew up in an environment rich in art and a traditional culture. After graduating from technical secondary school at Tajimi Gifu, Haruyo left Japan to study English and seek her own spiritual freedom and art. She began her artistic career in Sydney, Australia where she lived for 15 years. Currently, Haruyo lives in Nantes France. In her pursuit of creating a unique art, her work is continuously enriched with new experiences and inspirations.

Haruyo, for most of her works, uses traditional painting equipment: calligraphy ink and natural pigments from Japan. Thus it facilitates the transmission of its creative energy to materialize it visually. As a practitioner of Reiki (a traditional Japanese healing method), she practices meditation, which stimulates her creativity and helps her paint the metaphysical manifestation of the intrinsic beauty of humans.




 Soul Portraits (Shh centre 4 Hybrid Art-Parramatta Sydney Australia


Magnolia Therapy  (Mars Hill Cafe -Parramatta Sydney Australia 


Flowers  (Mars Hill Cafe -Parramatta Sydney Australia )



'Palingenesis'   (Folonomo Gallery -Surry Hills ,Sydney, Australia)  


 Resonance' (Blacktown hospital, Nepean Hospital  Sydney, Australia)


 'Vision' (M2 Gallery , Surry Hills,  Sydney, Australia)  

 'Transcend'  (Japan Foundation Gallery ,Chippendale ,Sydney, Australia)


Ritratto dell'anima-Soul Portrait ( Make Make Gallery , Rome,Italy)

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